Sunday, February 12, 2006

When Criminals Have Guns

The innocent are at risk.

Cheney Accidentally Shoots Fellow Hunter

Update: James Wolcott tries to make me spit out my coffee:

Vice President Elmer Fudd

Time to take the shotgun away from grandpa, who's blasted perhaps hundreds of innocent birds into bloody feathers during his life, before he has another senior moment.

And then there's Art Pottery, Politics and Food:

Veep Bags Senior Citizen

with a picture captioned, "Cheney draws a bead on a Social Security recipient". Tee hee.

And via firedoglake, Bob Geiger with

Dick Cheney’s Top 10 Excuses For Shooting Fellow Hunter

And the laughs just keep on coming, this from Joel Achenbach in the WaPo:

Deadeye Dick Cheney


Anonymous said...

I assume a police report was filed. What exactly is a putz?

Anonymous said...

Come on, people--our Vice Presidents haven't shot anyone since the 19th century. It was overdue.