Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Hayley Wickenheiser, Canada

I woke up this morning and turned on MSNBC to watch hockey. I've been watching women's hockey for the last few days. The score read "Italy 1, Canada 2" and I thought to myself, wow, Italy scored on that powerful Canadian women's team. Shocking! They had only given up one goal in the tournament so far. I thought Italy was only in the Olympic hockey tournament because they're the hosts. I thought Canada already crushed Italy. I wasn't awake yet. I put the coffee on.

Then I saw the back of one of the Canadian's uniforms and it said "Bertuzzi". I thought, I wonder if she's Todd Bertuzzi's sister? How come I've watched all these games and never heard those excellent NHL announcers says Todd Bertuzzi's sister is on the Canadian women's team?

It was Todd Bertuzzi. This is a men's game. Parity has indeed arrived. You can't tell the difference between the men's and women's games just by looking at the size of the players. Hayley Wickenheiser, Todd Bertuzzi, put a uniform and pads on 'em and it's hard to tell the difference. Italy has a men's hockey team! They scored two goals on Marty Brodeur. Parity all around.

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