Monday, February 13, 2006

Tiffeny Milbrett to Chelski

Chelsea FC is apparently on the brink of signing Tiffeny Milbrett for the remainder of their season, along with Canadian Christine Sinclair:

Whitecaps sign Milbrett and Sinclair

Tiffeny Milbrett, 33, comes to the Whitecaps as one of the most productive goal scorers in U.S. national team history. The 5'2" native of Portland, Oregon, has amassed 204 appearances (fifth all-time), 100 goals (fourth all-time) and 61 assists (third all-time) with the U.S. women's national team.

Sinclair and Milbrett are slated to travel to England next week to join Chelsea LFC of the F.A. Women's Premier League for the remainder of their season. They are then scheduled to join the Whitecaps in May.

What a contrast in players. Milbrett is tiny, but incredibly skilled, with a powerful shot. Sinclair is a beast, just a very big woman. Every time I've seen her play I see her land on top of someone else, hard.

Tiffeny breaks Chelsea fast

Ever since the female Blues shook buckets outside Stamford Bridge to raise money, Chelsea have been portrayed as uninterested to the point of meanness. Signing Milbrett and Sinclair would mark a turning point for the game in the UK and prove that one of football's biggest brands is prepared to put women at the heart of its drive for growth.

Some things never change. When I played soccer in college, our Athletic Director was the head of the NCAA. Yet the women's soccer team wasn't varsity, and we had bake sales to buy uniforms (until one of my teammates threatened a Title IX lawsuit, that is). I hope Tiffeny is getting some of Roman Abramovich's money.

2/15/06 Update
: New York Times says Milbrett is trying to obtain a work permit to play for Chelsea.


Anonymous said...

Tiffeny's former coach of the USA WNT, an idiot at best, didn't appreciate her ability and glad to see her getting chance to showcase her talents.

truth said...

Yes, April Heinrichs may have been a great player, but she was a terrible, terrible coach, tactician, and evaluator of players. She couldn't see how great Abby Wambach or Shannon Boxx were until they ruled in the WUSA.

Glad to see Milly back on the world stage.