Friday, October 17, 2008

My Final Post on Joe Sam the Plumber

Turns out he was vetted about as well as Sarah Palin.

dailykos: McCain/Palin throwing Joe the Plumber under the Straight Talk Express

The facts - as even the reluctant to bother actually doing reporting Corporate Media have revealed - are that: Joe The Plumber only makes $40,000 a year, doesn't have a valid plumbers license in the state of Ohio, has only been a "plumber" for 6 years - not 15, has never finished his plumber courses, has never apprenticed as a plumber, can't afford to buy his bosses business - which only generates $100,000 a year in income, not $250,000 - is a registered republican who owes over a $1,000 in back taxes, and under any version of Obama's plan would get a tax cut that would be larger than McCain's.

His name isn't even Joe -- it's Sam!

McCain/Palin: Throwing shit at the wall, hoping it sticks.


The Light said...

I feel like writing "Crickets" after all of my latest posts to the Island Racket; they're going silent I guess.

Gotta keep the pressure on these cretins.

truth said...

Crush their spirits!

I think you should monitor a polling place in your home state -- South Carolina could be in play!

James said...

His 15 minutes might not be up yet, if the GOP gets its wish -- a group has formed to draft him to run for Congress.

Haven't they already messed up this guy's life enough?