Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin Should Never Have Been McCain's Choice

How bad is McCain's judgment? Even Katie Couric noticed.

Palin is a real piece of work. For one thing, she's a rightwing nutjob:

Used her line-item veto to slash $1.1 million in funds for homes for unwed mothers. (I guess she thought that championing abstinence would make those unnecessary? Like it worked out in her own family? Fool.)

Tried to have books banned in her local library in Wasilla, then she tried to fire the local librarian who refused. (I'll send a bouquet of roses to the first reporter who asks what books she wanted to ban. The usual suspects, I suppose? Catcher in the Rye? Heather Has Two Mommies? Tropic of Cancer?)

She has stated in her church that Alaska's natural gas pipeline and the Iraq War are both God's will. She sat silently in that church two weeks ago when a speaker said that terrorist attacks in Israel are God's punishment to Jews who don't convert to Christ.

Reformer? Against earmarks? No

She lied in her very first speech on the public stage, claiming to have rejected the "bridge to nowhere", but she was only against it after the federal funds were withdrawn. Before that she spoke out in favor of the earmark while she was running for governor.

She employed Jack Abramoff's lobbyist to get federal earmarks for Wasilla, Alaska. $27,000,000 -- 27 million -- in earmarks for a town of 6,700.

As governor, Alaska led the nation in earmarks and federal money. Got pork?

She took campaign contributions from VECO, the oil field services company that has admitted bribing Ted Stevens. Not surprising, as she led Ted Stevens 527 group.

Nasty person:

Last year, went on a radio talk show and laughed as the hosts called the Alaska Senator Lyda Green (a cancer survivor) a "cancer" and a "bitch". Yeah, funny.

Fired city employees who hadn't supported her mayoral candidacy. Just what we need, a politician who requires loyalty oaths.

Executive experience?

In 1996 Palin described her job as mayor of Wasilla, AK as "not rocket science". No kidding.

And yet she was McCain's pick. Why was that?

McCain's impulsivity: His own campaign staffers are saying they hadn't finished vetting her yet.

No one had even met with her in person until late in the day -- the day before she was announced as his running mate! Reckless.

Palin is competely unqualified for high national office. Oh, she's minimally qualified. She's an American, and she's over the age of 35. But she has no significant national or international experience, and her beliefs and positions are far out of the mainstream. At this point I hope McCain sticks with her. She will guarantee Obama/Biden victory.

Oh yeah, she was never Miss Congeniality. Another lie.

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