Tuesday, September 02, 2008

How Thin Is Your Resume?

What was your name again?

Your resume is incredibly thin if you lie about your experience.

It's what you do when you're first starting. A one-day job waitressing becomes "Waitress, 2007".

Sarah Palin's resume, as laid out by her official spokesperson to the media, contained "Ireland" among countries visited. Visited? Did her spokesperson say "visited"? She meant "Stopped there to refuel and buy some Irish Mist in the duty free shop".

Sarah Palin's official spokesperson told the Politico Saturday that she had visited Ireland.

Today they retracted that, as it was (as we guessed here) a Shannon refueling stop.

And now another spokesperson notes that she has visited Canada.

Hey, I went to Canada when I was 10 when I went to Niagara Falls! If only I'd been 35; I clearly had the foreign policy qualifications.

As a matter of fact, on foreign policy alone I am so much more qualified than Sarah Palin that I think Obama should put me in the Cabinet. I've had a passport since I was 15! I've visited Canada, Luxemborg, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Ireland, Great Britain, the Caymans, and the Bahamas. I've visited 38 states (regretfully, neither Hawaii nor Alaska.)

I can haz Cabinet post?

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