Thursday, September 04, 2008

Political Contributions by Sports Figures

ESPN: Pro sports figures more invested in this presidential campaign

Database of pro sports donations

Most of the athletes (except for golfers) donate to Obama; most of the owners to McCain.

Most athletes don't give to either political candidate despite their enormous salaries. What do they care?

Here are some things to read about my favorite political athletes, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, and the price they paid for a simple gesture which was meant to convey their support for civil rights:

[W]hile the gesture was redolent of the militant Black Panthers, it was actually a plaintive cry for civil rights. Indeed, the athletes were figurehead members of the Olympic Project for Human Rights, a non-violent student organisation that transposed racism in sport into the civil rights agenda.

BBC ON THIS DAY: 1968: Black athletes make silent protest

Times (uk): Olympics: Tommie Smith and John Carlos warn of the price of protest

Times (uk): America finally honours rebels as clenched fist becomes salute
Tommie Smith and John Carlos were hailed as heroes this week but it was not so 37 years ago

SI: John Carlos
Party to one of the most incendiary moments in the history of sports, he's gone from pariah to hero over the course of four decades—but not without paying a high cost

SI: A matter of civil rights
Dr. John Carlos supports, speaks out on the 'Jena 6'

Counterpunch: The Living Legacy of Mexico City
an Interview with John Carlos

ESPN: Tommie Smith/John Carlos 2008 Arthur Ashe Courage Award Pt1

ESPN: Tommie Smith/John Carlos 2008 Arthur Ashe Courage Award Pt2

Tommie Smith & John Carlos Tribute

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