Monday, July 14, 2008

Veepstakes: Claire McCaskill

I like Claire McCaskill a lot. She doesn't talk like a Senator. She talks like a real person who worked as a waitress to put herself through law school. A woman from a working class background who can balance a budget, she should appeal to the disaffected Hillary voters. She doesn't come from money and she's not a fake. To my mind she has been Obama's best surrogate on the talking head shows, smart, tough, and on message.

On the downside, she has no military or foreign policy experience. And my brother thinks she's too ambitious to take the bucket of warm spit job.

Me, I'd give her two thumbs up for the job.

She wiped the floor with Carly Fiorina yesterday on MTP.

David Mixner, HuffPo: Senator Claire McCaskill for Vice President


Anonymous said...

Sen McCaskill blaming the Bush administration for the weak dollar as the cause for A-B being acquired by InBev is totally asinine and not based on any sort of economi reality. Instead of whining about it, do something useful and propose legislation to cut the corporate income tax rate, which is among the highest in the world. That would do a lot more good and enable A-B to defend market share and retain more jobs than you popping off with some half-baked partisan rhetoric. Of course, since the Dems are held hostage by the left-wing socialist, class warfare pot smokers, you could never do it because you are drunk on the Kool-Aid that makes people think the US govt can do a better job of allocating capital than A-B. Of course, it's too late to do anything now because you were jacking around with silly Dem stuff that doesn't matter, and now in order to get re-elected, you need to act like you care about the A-B employees who will be fired by an acquirer that pays a tax rate of 17.6% versus A-B's 31.4%. Can the rhetoric and do something positive.

lovable liberal said...

What a load of anonymous Kool-Aid-flavored bullshit!

truth said...

I love anonymous commenters who are well-versed in economi!


A-B! InBev! (WTF?)

I need some of that good Kool-aid.

The Light said...

Could you be dumber? Maybe if you were the decider in charge.... Nope, still dumber. Who said John McCain can't use a computer!

lovable liberal said...

Red State Update has the Budweiser story.