Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dick For Sale

wikipedia: Askar Akayev
Yes, Mr. Payne, I would like access to Mr. Dick. Mr. Cheney, I mean.

Bush Pioneer Stephen Payne is caught on tape by the Times of London selling access to Dick Cheney and other Bush Administration officials for contributions to the Bush Library. And not just to anyone. He's selling access to the exiled former president, Adkar Akayev, of Kyrgyzstan, the former Soviet republic. A guy with a human rights record much like the Cheney Administration.

Will "Bush Library" come into the corporate media's lexicon as "Lincoln Bedroom" did? Don't hold your breath.

Times (uk): Stephen Payne: a hotshot lobbyist who can get you into White House
A lobbyist offered access to Dick Cheney and other US leaders in return for a donation to the Bush library

Booman Tribune: Askar Akayev Sets Up Bush Administration

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