Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beware of Anonymous Sources

Well-known liar; columnist at Time magazine. Crime pays.

The press has hated Bill Clinton for years and never misses an opportunity to smear him. The blogs coined a term for the media obsession with the Clintons: the "Clinton Rules".

The anonymous sources in the article in the Telegraph (below) claiming Bill is angry at Obama are referred to variously as "campaign insiders," "loyal allies," "a senior Democrat," "a second source," "his friends," "another Democrat," and "a party strategist". The only source on the record in the whole article is Joe Klein, who wrote the venomous book about the Clintons, Primary Colors, and then lied about being its author for two years afterwards. (So Joe, if you were lying then, why should I believe you now?)

And Joe Klein isn't even a primary source, as he says "he has heard" that Clinton is bitter.

Expect to see this tissue of lies on the front pages of the major U.S. papers tomorrow, because now it's "out there".

And what kind of friends and allies would give off-the-record interviews about this kind of garbage? Not really your friends, I wager.

Journalism is dead; long live the vulturous corporate media.

Telegraph (uk): Bill Clinton says Barack Obama must 'kiss my ass' for his support

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