Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Bad Day For Democracy


The Senate sold out to Bush and the telecoms 80-15 on FISA. Now if the government wants to violate the Constitution, the precedent has been set. All the government has to do is outsource the lawbreaking to a third party, and then Congress ratifies it. The Nuremburg defense is now official U.S. policy. "We were just following orders."

Oh, and Obama, Clinton, and McCain all couldn't be bothered to vote. (Not surprising from McCain, who hasn't voted on anything since April 8th.)

Obama retreated from his previous promise
to filibuster any bill with telecom amnesty. He said yesterday that national security trumps amnesty, whatever the hell that means. Tough on terra, I guess. :::sigh::: I always hate the race to the center after the Democratic primary is over.

The Supreme Court threw out most of the Exxon-Valdez punitive damages award to the citizens of Alaska, cutting the already cut-down award from $2.5 billion to 500 million. That's about half a day's profit for Exxon, the richest company in the world. Crime does pay.

These are the days that try liberal's souls.

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Anonymous said...

slap me, slap me, slap me, slap me, I'm shell-shocked, numb, stunned, frozen.
Hope died. No, hope was killed, by Obama.