Saturday, March 08, 2008

John McCain's Bad Temper On Display

Nobody wants this batshit crazy old man's finger on the button. Even the military is scared of his temper. Here's video of him going off on a reporter, for daring to ask a question. The nerve!

Mccain doesn't have enough patience and self-control to run a local city council meeting, much less deal with an international crisis. Just another reason why it's absurd for Hillary Clinton to state that McCain has "crossed the commander-in-chief threshold". By making that claim she has opened her own CIC credentials up to scrutiny, and not surprisingly, she's not faring so well. Here's an article from the Chicago Tribune analyzing her claim:

But while Hillary Clinton represented the U.S. on the world stage at important moments while she was first lady, there is scant evidence that she played a pivotal role in major foreign policy decisions or in managing global crises.

She'd have much better off attacking McCain's temper and lack of judgment than going after Obama's lack of experience. They all have the same executive experience: none.

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