Monday, March 03, 2008

Charlotte Allen and the Washington Post: Dumb, and Dumber!

Author Dumb (from the Dallas Morning News)

Newspaper Dumber!

Yesterday the Washington Post published an editorial by conservative writer Charlotte Allen, entitled "We Scream, We Swoon. How Dumb Can We Get?" (I'm not linking that piece of shit. Go to the other links in this post, from the excellent feminist website, Feministing.) On the online edition of the post, the article was front-paged with this teaser headline: "Women Aren't Very Bright".

After a torrent of protest, they changed the teaser headline to: "Why Do Women Act So Dumb?"

The article is pure conservative crap. The woman even calls herself a dummy in it, and extrapolates from anecdotal evidence that all women are dumb. Sad. But why is this getting printed on the editorial page of a major newspaper? Do they take us for fools? I guess they do. I'm not dumb. I wouldn't subscribe to the Washington Post if they paid me to. No money for Fred Hiatt's right-wing editorial page. Let Novak and Krauthammer eat dirt.

I posted a comment on the article quoting the John Lennon song, "Woman is the N***er of the World", but they deleted it. So: It's OK to call women dumb, but not to use the epithet nigger to make a point, even if you are commenting on an article that reveals prejudice and stereotyping.

A few months ago the ombudsman for the Post wrote wondering why young female readership of the Post was down (hat tip, Atrios). I can't imagine, can you?

Imagine if the Post had published such an article about other groups? Why are Blacks So Dumb? Why Are Jews So Dumb? Why Are Catholics So Dumb? Why Are Handicapped People So Dumb? Why Are Old People So Dumb?

Why is the Washington Post so dumb?

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Anonymous said...

Because they are run by Republicans. Duh. How dumb can you be?