Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Few Fine Links

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The WaPo says they were just kidding about that whole dumb women thing. So, they think it's OK to joke about sexist stereotypes, and they really think we are dumb enough to accept that lame excuse. Laura Rosen has excellent coverage of the issue at War and Piece.

Vanity Fair reports that George Bush, Master of Disaster, royally fucked up the Gaza/Hamas/Fatah/Israel relationship (which was bad enough to begin with) with a disastrous intervention into Palestinian politics. If you don't have time to read the whole article, here's a summary by Ron Beasley of Middle Earth Journal:

* The administration demanded that elections be held in Palestine, the Democracy thing you know.
* Hamas won 56 percent of the seats in the Legislative Council which took everyone in the administration by surprise. They must not have been listening to Rumsfeld when he said Democracy is messy.
* The Bush administration told the Abbas to disolve the recently elected government and declare Marshall law.
* They then armed his party, Fatah.
* When word of this leaked out the result was a civil war which Hamas won.
* Hamas confiscated most of the US supplied weapons are are now using them to shoot at Israelis.

Troutnut at dailykos catches Hillary Clinton's campaign darkening Obama's skintone in her ads. Shades of the Time magazine OJ Simpson cover.

Did you ever buy that Airborne stuff that is supposed to keep you from getting sick on planes? Turns out they made up the supposed scientific research they cited. There's a $23 million settlement in a class-action lawsuit (they must have sold a LOT of those pills, no?) and The Consumerist has the links where you can file for your refund. This is the kind of case tort reformers want to eliminate.

A little parody site: John McCain Is Our Jalopy. Just keep hitting refresh to see the messages change.

Climate Progress
points out the "brutal drought" in Australia and predicts that this is what the American Southwest will be like in 2050.


Anonymous said...

A little birdie told me that McCain actually tipped 10%; which is really telling. He's a tool.

truth said...

I bet he asked for separate checks, too!