Thursday, January 10, 2008

Iranian Gunships Incident Probably Faked

United States Navy, via Getty Images

The United States Navy released this photograph of a speedboat suspected of being from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Navy maneuvering near three Navy warships on Sunday in the Strait of Hormuz. The United States has said five armed Iranian speedboats confronted the warships. (NYTimes)

dailykos: Strait of Hormuz Incident: almost certainly a fake

The Pentagon released footage of a supposed Iranian encroachment on a US warship that occurred on Sunday. You can watch it here, below, yourself. The tipoff is the audio; while the Iranians were supposedly in gunships with outboard motors (on a lake here in Massachusetts we'd call these powerboats), there is no motor noise in the background (listen from about 2:20 forward); and then there is the Borat-ish accent of the supposed Iranian.

How convenient for Commander Codpiece that this purported incident occurs just before he heads to the Middle East.

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