Friday, June 29, 2007

US Leads The World in Greenhouse Gas Production

That's not a #1 we should aspire to.

Click on the full US map to see what countries or country your state equals in the production of greenhouse gases.

The map is from The Sightline Institute. I'd like to find out what the population comparison between Massachusetts and Algeria is, but they have it on a Microsoft Excel file, and I don't have half an hour to give Microsoft a bunch of personal information for them to lose just to download a free trial. The Nation States of Climate Change

[T]he 2003 population of the US -- less than 300 million -- has the same climate impact as the more than 1.5 billion people represented by the other countries listed on the map.

hat tip to Gristmill


Anonymous said...

Hi, I made the map and I'll even spare you the spreadsheet. As of 2003, Mass had a population of 6.4 million compared to Algeria's population of 31.7 million.
Eric de Place, Seattle

p.s. Sorry about that Red Sox stand against the Mariners!

truth said...

Thanks, Eric!

Don't worry about the Sawx. Best record in baseball and back home today, and when you look at the Yankees you start spouting Haley Joel Osment: