Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Petrified Forest

Clyde Friend is unearthing a 15-million-year-old forest at his property in central Washington.
(Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)
April 26, 2007

When I was a kid there was a dead tree in my nextdoor neighbor's backyard. It was rotting and had turned a beautiful shade of red. We called it "The Petrified Forest". I'm not sure how we came up with that name, but it was part of the landscape of my childhood, along with the treehouse, the hill, the sewer, the playhouse, the gooseberry bushes, the raspberry bushes, the white birch, and the weeping willow tree.

In today's LATimes, an article about a man who found a real petrified forest on his land in Washington.

LATimes: A buried treasure of trees
A Washington state man who always loved to dig in the dirt unearths a petrified forest, covered by lava 15 million years ago while still upright.

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