Friday, June 08, 2007


SI Neg. 2003-12114. Date: 2003...Pacific Lions Paw shell on exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History
Credit: John Steiner (Smithsonian Institution)

News on some stories we've covered previously:

The Washington Post has an article on racist vote-suppressor Hans A. von Spakovsky and his nomination to the Federal Elections Commission; did you know that half the career lawyers in the Voting Rights Section of the Justice Department left during his tenure there? He is a very bad man and must be stopped. Call your Senators; or call these Senators, on the Rules Committee.

Connecticut substitute teacher Julie Amero has been granted a new trial. Now that I think about it, I may not have covered this previously, but I should have; she was convicted for being in an elementary school classroom with a computer running Windows 98 that was filled with porn popups. If that was a crime, half of America would be in jail. If anyone should go to jail, it's Bill Gates or some other Microsoft honcho. Vive la Firefox. Or Safari. Anything but Windows.

Boston College has hired assistant Katie King (three-time Olympic medal winner) to replace sexual harasser Tom Mutch. From the Boston Globe article: "Two-thirds of the Division 1 head coaches in women's hockey are men and only three of Hockey East's are female."

Looks like Joe Scarborough "I-don't-know-nothing-about-that-dead-intern-in-my-office" is leading the pack to replace Don Imus. He's certainly qualified; why just this week, he said this about Fred Thompson's wife Jeri:

Scarborough asks Crawford, "Have you seen Fred Thompson's wife?" Crawford: "Oh yeah." Scarborough: "You think she works the pole?"

I can't believe he'd say such a thing about the shy, retiring Mrs. Thompson:

Paul Wolfowitz, recently shorn of girlfriend, checks out Fred Thompson's assets. He is not looking at her face.

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