Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris Hilton Free; Genarlow Wilson STILL Rots in Jail

Never thought I'd mention Paris Hilton on this blog, but here goes. OK, tell me race and class don't matter anymore in America. Paris Hilton gets released after 3 days of a 45 day sentence; Genarlow Wilson gets a 10-year sentence for conduct that is now a misdemeanor punishable by six months, and he still rots in jail two years later.

DailyKos: Paris Hilton VS Genarlow Wilson

For those of you unfamiliar, here's a CNN report on Genarlow Wilson's case:

Even though the prosecutor in the CNN piece says he'd be in favor of releasing Wilson, the prosecutor's office opposed the latest appeal by his lawyers, which will be decided Monday.

WaPo: Court Hears Appeal in Teen Oral Sex Case

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Anonymous said...

fucking unbelievable .. they should let him free and put that bitch back in jail she couldnt killed someone driving drunk