Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Go Fill Your Gas Tank

40% of the world's exported oil travels through the Strait of Hormuz, and the biggest cyclone since recordkeeping started in 1945 is barreling towards the Strait. Gas prices will go up.

DailyKos: Cyclone Gonu Shuts Strait of Hormuz - Fill Your Tanks

Anyone who has visited the Gulf states knows that they build to the coastline on sandy land that is mere inches above sea level. The mountain ranges behind the flat plains are marked with wadis - dry river beds - that are ideal conduits for flash floods. The picture below is the Qalhat LNG terminal, with cities being just bigger spreads of such construction.

Now imagine massive rain, 100 mph winds and tidal surges of 1-2m inundating and pounding those plains simultaneously. As of yesterday the official line being spun from the Gulf was not to worry, that the oil would keep flowing. As of this morning, I find that line impossible to believe.

WaPo: Thousands Evacuated Ahead of Cyclone

MUSCAT, Oman -- Oman evacuated tens of thousands of people Wednesday, suspended oil exports, and closed the major port of Sohar as a weakening Cyclone Gonu roared toward the Strait of Hormuz _ the world's major transport artery for Persian Gulf oil.

Oil prices rose amid forecasts that the storm _ a rarity in the region _ was barreling toward Iran.

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