Monday, January 01, 2007

We Love Lists

Especially end-of-the-year lists.

Via Digby, (who lauds Brilliant At Breakfast's Brilliant 20 of 2006), Crooks & Liars collected several lists from left blogtopia*. (Look at the end of the post where it says "END-OF-YEAR STUFF"

And remember to write 2007 for the year tomorrow. You know, like James Bond.

*yes, skippy coined that phrase!


Stephen said...

I love how the "it is good and just to hang Saddam" clowns act like he isn't a feeble old man who couldn't escape from the cafeteria much less prison, to lead the takeover of the world. What do they think he is? Magneto from X-Men? His suffering by being ignored by the world would have been the ultimate punishment.

Oberon said...

......i have a list of lists.....yes, it's obsessive compulsive......nice blog you have.