Friday, January 05, 2007

Blogtopia* Roundup, Friday January 5, 2007

On BoingBoing, news that five words slipped into the last Pentagon budget bill will make U.S. military contractors subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Honorary blogger Paul Krugman in today's New York Times says the Democratic Congress should first, un-privatize Medicare.

Professor Juan Cole links to the Diary of Saad Eskander, Director of the Iraq National Library and Archive. How horrible life is really like in Iraq today.

Glenn Greenwald reappears from writing his latest book to eviscerate the un-credible, full of shit right-wing bloggers and their incessant whining about media coverage of Iraq.

ThinkProgress has pictures of Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), our first Muslim congressman, being sworn in with his hand on a Koran published in 1764 which was once owned by Thomas Jefferson. I have it on scant authority that these pictures caused several wingnuts' heads to explode.

And, since We Love Lists,
(1)read Steve Gilliard's list of books to read so you don't sound like a stupid warblogger. Check out the recommendations in comments, too.
(2) check out World Changing's Ten Stories You May Have Missed by environmental journalist Alex Steffen.

Got to go for my walk, as it's near 60 degrees. Yesterday afternoon when I pulled into my driveway, I startled a bunny munching on the lawn, which is quite green. One of my neighbors planted bulbs yesterday. This is January?

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