Thursday, January 04, 2007

'Climate Change Is Happening Around the World'

Reuters: 2007 predicted to be world's warmest year

LONDON (Reuters) - This year is set to be the hottest on record worldwide due to global warming and the El Nino weather phenomenon, Britain's Meteorological Office said on Thursday.

The Met Office said the combination of factors would likely push average temperatures this year above the record set in 1998. 2006 is set to be the sixth warmest on record globally.

"This new information represents another warning that climate change is happening around the world," said Met Office scientist Katie Hopkins.

The world's 10 warmest years have all occurred since 1994 in a temperature record dating back a century and a half, according to the United Nations' weather agency.

In local global warming news, last night on my way home I drove by the remains of a large skunk that had been hit by a car and had released its peculiar fragrance. Yes, a skunk, out in January in the hills of Central Massachusetts. I know that skunks don't truly hibernate, but they normally aren't out and about at this time of year, because it's not usually in the 50s in January. [Which mammals hibernate during the winter? Click the link to find out which ones.]

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