Friday, November 10, 2006

You Can't Pick Your Family

While surfing the tubes of the internets today, I found that Barry Goldwater's granddaughter, C.C. Goldwater, did a documentary on her grandfather that was aired on HBO last month. I didn't see it, but apparently, not surprisingly, she sugarcoats her famous grandfather's life.

Most interestingly, a review of the documentary in the Phoenix New Times fleshed out the HBO film's 2-dimensional portrait by quoting letters to and from Goldwater which they found in the Goldwater papers in the Arizona Historical Foundation. Most of the letters are kind of sad, with Goldwater's children and grandchildren writing to him asking for money, or just to use his name and fame for their own commercial gain.

As a result of the newspaper article, the family has gone in and placed the letters under seal. When you go read them, you'll understand why. They don't tell you much about the Senator, but a lot about his kids and grandkids.

Romanesko: New Times story prompts Goldwater family to hide papers

Phoenix New Times: Goldwater Uncut
You've seen the G-rated HBO documentary on the Arizona legend, but there was so much more to Goldy than that

Phoenix New Times (PDF file): Goldwater letters from Arizona Historical Foundation


Anonymous said...

maybe you should watch the documentary and see the value of it before you pass judgement and comment on an article that was written by someone who probably could not get a job with the Star so he settled at the New Times rag

Big Daddy said...

I saw it, plus I read all the poor defenseless bleatings from the children of BG begging for money. What happened to a second job? A third? The documentary was a puff piece from a loved one, and that is what the comment page is for my defensive friend...your judgement. Not your idiotic "someone who probably could not get a job" mentality. For shame!