Friday, November 10, 2006

72 Hours

Pelosi in an Armani pantsuit at yesterday's news conference: Clothes for playing with the boys without pretending to be one.
Photo Credit: By Carol T. Powers -- Bloomberg News

That's how long it took the Washington Post to write an article about the first female Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Problem? The article is about her clothes.

Yes, you heard that right, the WaPo has gone almost immediately to sexist analysis of the woman's wardrobe.

Because nothing matters about a woman other than what she looks like, right?

Is it 2006 or 1966?

If Ms. Magazine still had the feature, this article would be on the 'No Comment' page at the back of the magazine. Classic, traditional sexist bullshit.

Think I'm overreacting? Do you really think any newspaper in the country will analyze the wardrobe of the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid? Of course not.


Washington Post: Muted Tones Of Quiet Authority: A Look Suited To the Speaker

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