Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Deleted Again

Last night when I got in, I read about the NYTimes hatchet job on Hillary & Bill Clinton. Sex lives of the rich and famous, front page news.

For Clintons, Delicate Dance of Married and Public Lives

Someone pointed out that there's a blog on the Times called "The Empire Zone", where you could leave comments about the article.

Now, if the Clinton's sex lives are front page news because she's a policymaker and likely presidential candidate, aren't there other important and influential people who should get this treatment? One came to my mind immediately.

So I left this comment on the Empire Zone:

Thanks for the update on the Clinton marriage. It's important to know how public figures lead their private lives, and how that influences their decision making process.

In that vein, I would ask that the Times report on the following questions:

What were Judith Miller and Scooter Libby doing at the St. Regis? Each other?

What was Judith Miller doing with her officer in Iraq?

Did Judith Miller and Ahmad Chalabi have any sexual quid-pro-quo for the WMD lies he fed her?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Thank you to the New York Times for making clear the corporate media's downward slide to the sewer.

Now, I knew this would get deleted. Especially when I wrote "Each other?". Never speculate about a fellow journamalist like Judy the Mattress and her active sex life. Anonymously sourced speculating about relationships is only appropriate where Democrats are involved.

My comment had to be deleted, but this helpful poster, telling readers how to get around the $50 a year TimesSelect wall, made the no-need-to-delete cut.


If you are worried that you will miss Krugman, you can get his articles online 99% of the time simply by copying the first line of his article, and then pasting it into the search box at

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