Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Calling All Collectors

One of my favorite pieces of art is a collage/mosaic/sculpture displayed at the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery in DC. It's called "Game Fish", by artist Larry Fuente, and it's a huge blue marlin completely covered with old game pieces. Here's a pic of the head only (the entire piece is over 6 feet long.)

Today I saw a sculpture that reminded me of my beloved Game Fish. And you can commission your own, if you have a few grand to throw around:

Lost Found Art
Antique & Vintage Collections & Objects

"Betty" is a custom made sculpture based on the turn of the century memory jar concept. Memory jars were vessels such as tea pots, jugs and milk bottles that were covered in a clay like substance in which various found and keepsake objects were pressed into before it dried. Everything from shards of broken pottery to medallions, keys, buttons, doll parts, pins, vintage jewlery, anything the maker chose was applied. In this case we use the female form as our base. But expand greatly on both the types of items used and the amount of pieces. Each figure measures 30" x 16" x 7" and contains 3000 to 4000 pieces. Items such as old watch and watch parts, vintage Cracker Jack prizes, old train tokens, vintage and antique political and social pins, vintage jewlery, old toys, medals, glass beads and much more. The list goes on and on. We encourage our customers to contribute, if they wish a few small keepsakes such as, pins, badges, buttons, broken costume jewlery, small photographs (which are returned undamaged after they are copied, reduced and aged before applying). This adds a more personal touch to each sculpture made. Waiting time is 4 months for each piece. Click on last image for blown up image.

I saw this on BoingBoing.



Wow!! I really like this. It must have taken forever to collect that much stuff.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE 'Gamefish' also. The fish is a Sailfish though, Blue Marlins have a fin shaped like an L.