Thursday, April 20, 2006

Multimillionaire Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Denounces 3% Pay Raises for Judges

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Boston Globe, April 19, 2006: Healey raps pay raises for judges

House and Senate leaders reached a tentative agreement last fall to raise trial judges' salaries to about $130,000 a year, up from the current $112,777, but the two chambers have yet to reach a final agreement on the spending bill that includes the money. Together with an already negotiated salary boost for other court employees, the raises for judges and clerks would cost $42 million a year.

Healey said the spending bill represented ''the kind of reckless behavior with the taxpayers' money that we cannot afford."

The judges lobbied legislators successfully last year for the pay raise, arguing that they haven't received one since 2000 and that Massachusetts lags behind almost every other state in judicial salaries.

Let's see, first pay raise in six years, total $17,233, comes out to less than $3,000 per year, or about 3% per year.

And our lieutenant governor, who's running to replace the Mittwit? Here's her pitiful financial situation:

Boston Globe, April 13, 2006: Millionaire gubernatorial candidates withhold tax returns

This year, [Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Kerry] Healey is again refusing to release her returns, as she did in 2002. She is a multimillionaire who spent nearly $2 million on her own campaign four years ago. Her husband, Sean Healey, president of Affiliated Managers Group, an asset management company, recently sold $13 million in corporate stock, giving the couple ready access to more than twice what Romney spent in 2002.

Most candidates for governor live in the lap of luxury

Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey, her husband and two children live in a waterfront mansion in Beverly assessed by the city at $2.5 million. The Healeys also own a house next door, as well as a vacation condo in Florida and land in Vermont on which they plan to build a $2 million vacation home.

Please god, will a competent Democrat beat this empty designer dress?

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