Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bush Pioneer Hijacking My Comments Section

My little blog is being bombed with pro-billionaire comments! It's the attack of the Bush Pioneers.

Look at my earlier post, Billionaires for Bush. Seven comments! I almost never get comments; most of the time you will find one or two comments on a post. Seven is a personal record.

And more surprisingly, for a small blog like mine that is read by family and friends and visitors from Newsfare and from the Washington Post when I link to their articles, all the comments from that very liberal base are against taxing excess profits, and hugely in favor of Mr. Exxon-Mobil's half billion dollar golden handshake. Curious, no?

Piqued my curiousity. So I went to my sitemeter. Some of the commenters had hidden IP or search information. But five of them posted after receiving an email from someone else with a yahoo account. And one of those five commenters posted from IP Address 68.73.130.# (STRATEGIC PUBLIC PRTNRS).

Strategic Public Partners Home Page

Profile of Tom Whatman, President

Tom Whatman founded Strategic Public Partners (SP2) in February 2001 drawing on his unique experience to create a public affairs firm specializing in helping business clients navigate political waters. In just a short time SP2 has developed a broad clientele based upon its strategic insights and ability to get things done in Ohio and Washington, DC.

Mr. Whatman served as Executive Director of the Ohio Republican Party from 1994 through the 2000 presidential elections. He was responsible for the day-to-day management of the Party including the development and implementation of an unprecedented $20 million voter contact and candidate program in Ohio during the 2000 elections.

Whatman was a Bush Pioneer. Part of the Tom Noe, Ken Blackwell, evil Ohio Republican cabal.

Mr. Whatman's last political contribution, according to opensecrets.org, was $1,250 to Tom Delay on February 15, 2006. I read that as zealot, and idiot. Who didn't know Tom Delay was on his way out?

So, anyway, this is my response to all those 'independent' commenters who responded to Billionaires for Bush (one even signed himself 'Average Joe'!)

You're wrong, wrong, wrong, and you're going down in November. (Yes! I'm a proud member of blogtopia's Angry Left!)

Speaking of going down, SPP has been down this attack road before:

E Pluribus Media: Cronyism: Bush Pioneer Behind Attacks on Reform Ohio Now (Nov. 4, 2006)

Break on Through: Ohio First: a story of Croney Kickbacks and Bush Pioneers (November 6, 2005)

dailykos: Ohio GOP chair now embroiled in Federal bank favoritism charges (July 20, 2005)

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Sister Nancy Beth Eczema said...

Congratulations on your newfound infamy! (And on an unrelated note, thanks for linking to the John Yoo entry a few months back. I admire the dedication you bring to your blog. The fact that it's primarily for a small group makes this endeavor all the more noble, in my estimation.)