Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Blogtopia Round-Up, April 12, 2006

Billmon has the must-read post of the day, on crazypants Bush and his nuclear ambitions:

Mutually Assured Dementia

I mean, what exactly does it take to get a rise out of the media industrial complex these days? A nuclear first strike against a major Middle Eastern oil producer doesn't ring the bell? Must every story have a missing white woman in it before the cable news guys will start taking it seriously?

Pharyngula links to a report on Minnesota godbags that refuse to provide services to a disabled senior; she's a transsexual.

Good thing we're moving to faith-based initiatives, huh?

Hallelujah! And this is exactly why I will always oppose any attempt to draft the godly into the business of supporting the social safety net. It is this pretense of knowing the will of an invisible being, which they freely use to give their bigotry the deity's imprimatur, which makes them untrustworthy. Anyone who makes untestable claims of a god's will, claims that can't be verified by anyone else, is suspect—it's simply too convenient an out. And when it's used to make an innocent suffer, it's simply contemptible.

Welshman at dailykos finds an LATimes article that proves: (1) the democracy in Afghanistan is a sham; and (2) Pakistan is betraying our military men and women. Oh, and by the way? The Taliban is back. Seems they never left.


skippy (yes! he invented the term 'blogtopia'!) points out that Richard Mellon Scaife, the rightwing nutjob who funded 'The Arkansas Project' to get Bill Clinton over his sex life, is having some woman problems of his own. I'm filled with pity, myself:

her karma ran over his dogma

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