Friday, March 17, 2006

Random Sports Thoughts

Who stole Rick Barry's voice, and implanted it in Jim Spanarkel?

When did Giants running back Tiki Barber become a right wing F-word Faux News anchor? Ewwww.
Why doesn't ESPN realize that to build the audience for a sport, they have to cover it? ESPN has exclusive rights to the US national soccer teams, men's and women's, yet they failed to cover the US women in the Algarve Cup. We lost to Germany on penalties, 4-3. ESPN didn't even put the scores on the ticker. Idiots.

And why doesn't ESPN ever have soccer on ESPN classic? Where's Liverpool defeats AC Milan, last year's Champions League final? The 2002 World Cup games? Boy would I love to watch US-Germany again, or US-Portugal. Don't they want to build an audience for this summer's World Cup?

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