Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Oscar Weiner

I cannot let the week go by without noting the most amusing moment of my vacation. While our hotel did not have televisions, the manager had an Oscar party & brought in a TV so we could all watch the Oscars. I entered the pool and finished second, although there were five tied for first, so technically I tied for 6th.

The funniest moment of the Oscars (and there were many, unintentionally funny moments) was Selma Hayak. She introduced the Oscar-nominated songs. At one point, she introduced "Oscar winner Bill Conte", who was leading the show's orchestra. Except, with her sad command of her second language, English, what she actually said was "Oscar Weiner Bill Conte".

Our host picked up on this and I was lost in hysterical giggling when he said, Oscar Mayer Weiner, Bill Conte.

Selma didn't help when she later referred to Brokeback Mountain as "Brockbock Mountain." Then there was the award winner who said, Movie making is incredibly hard work. (From a man who never did a lick of physical labor in his life.) Or the recipient who began her acceptance speech, "Art is a duty." Better yet, two awards later, the award winner who said "Art is a hammer."

A duty, a hammer, Oscar Mayer Weiner. You had to laugh.

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