Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Blog Round-Up January 24, 2006

From Steve Gilliard, BushCo proposing its own federal police: This is how dictatorships start

From Art Pottery, Politics & Food, two good ones: Egghead = Gen. Michael V. Hayden (head of illegal wiretapping program)

Mystery Meet (Tim Russert's asking Barack Obama to comment on Harry Belafonte)

Brilliant at Breakfast on Florida exposing Diebold's easily-hacked voting machines: More on the Florida Diebold hack test

Digby can't take it anymore: Killing Me Softly (I love the use of the phrase "American sheeple")

Update: One more, from a new blog I've been loving, Glenn Greenwald on how Republicans can say anything, but Democrats are out of line: Rules for Political Discourse

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