Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blog Round-Up Wednesday January 25 2006

Glenn Greenwald: The Administration's new FISA defense is factually false in which he details how Congress considered & declined to change the standard for spying from probable cause to reasonableness. (which wouldn't have passed constitutional muster anyway, by the way -- Congress can't change the constitution by legislation, it needs an Amendment)

Two from Suburban Guerrilla: Republican Environmental Policy, in which we learn that 20% of the catfish in Maryland's South River have liver cancer.

and Throwaway Lives about Bush's incompetent OSHA letting a murderous construction company murder again.

Americablog: A tale of two sentences Real bloodletting v. symbolic. Which one gets the greater sentence?

Update: One more, from People Get Ready: The worst disaster in American history Oh yeah, you know his name.

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