Monday, January 09, 2006

Cheney in Training

Yesterday I posted my predictions for 2006, including this one:

9. When Fitzgerald's investigation begins to focus on Cheney, he resigns for health reasons. Condi appointed Vice President, Stephen Hadley appointed National Security Advisor.

Then I woke up this morning to these headlines:

Cheney Hospitalized, Then Released

Cheney Briefly Hospitalized Monday Morning

I began to feel power coursing through my fingertips....

Well, not really. The doctors' diagnosis is that

he was retaining fluid because of medication he was taking for a foot problem.

Cheney diagnoses himself differently:

"I'm a little hobbled-up today," Cheney joked to workers Friday at a Harley-Davidson factory in Kansas City, Mo., where he was highlighting upturns in the economy. "I don't usually carry a cane, but (Defense Secretary) Don Rumsfeld has been chewing on my ankles."

From the AP article, this is the funniest part:

Cheney, who has not suffered a heart attack since he became vice president in 2001, began a daily exercise program in 2000 and started eating healthier.

Cheney exercises daily? I can't stop laughing.

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