Monday, April 27, 2009

GOP Stripped Flu Pandemic Preparedness From Stimulus

Bipartisanship is not so great when you compromise with idiots. The Republicans said pandemics had nothing to do with the economy. Ha. Memo to Democrats: Don't compromise with stupid people.

GOP Stripped Flu Pandemic Preparedness From Stimulus

Europeans told to avoid travel

Europeans have been urged to postpone all non-essential travel to the United States and Mexico by the EU health commissioner, Andorra Vassiliou.


Anonymous said...

HA- This is sucj BS. We all know that this administration is not taking any ideas from the GOP. So if any one cut it, it would have been the Dems. Unless you are living in a cave, remember that the votes were pretty much along party lines. Quit trying to demonize someone that has no power.

lovable liberal said...

Here's where Susan Collins's press operation tries to spin the fact that she did in fact strip pandemic preparation from the stimulus. Recall, Anonymous, if you can remember your own name, that the Senate Democrats had to have two Republican votes, and that she was one of the three the Dems got.