Friday, October 03, 2008

New Obama Ad: "The Ultimate Bridge to Nowhere" *Updated*

I jumped off the couch when Biden delivered that line last night. Great line, a huge weakness of McCain's that we need to exploit. McCain's healthcare plan would kill employer-funded health insurance -- and he has no back-up plan. We should all marry a beer heiress. Or get one of those (dwindling because of Republicans) good union jobs with good benefits.

UPDATE: My brother calls me to tell this story. He watched the debate with my three nephews last night. They all liked the "ultimate bridge to nowhere" line. The 9-year-old said, that was the best line of the debate, dad! And when said 9-year-old woke up this morning, he rolled over and said, "The ultimate bridge to nowhere."

My nephew is a political genius! The kid has a future in politics. He knows way more about foreign policy than Sarah Palin. He can name every country in Africa. I'd like to see those two debate Africa. My nephew would wipe the floor with her. Heck, he could wipe the floor with her in any debate. Being nine, he would take the cuteness factor off the table, and when you take away the winking and the folksiness, what does she have left? An empty dress, that's what.

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