Sunday, September 28, 2008

RIP Paul Newman

Paul Newman, Eugene McCarthy delegate, at the 1968 Democratic Convention

Paul Newman died on Friday night. He was a great actor and philanthropist who lived a full and rich life. He was a capital L Liberal who put his money where his mouth was, endorsing Democratic candidates (from Eugene McCarthy to Ned Lamont) and raising hundreds of millions for charity with his Newman's Own food brand and Hole in the Wall camps for kids with serious illnesses.

You had to love a guy who said "the highest single honor I ever received" was being #19 on Nixon's Enemies List. You had to love a guy who was #19 on Nixon's Enemies List. Farewell to a great man.

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The Light said...

Always referencing his movies; not sure if they would have had the same impact were it not for his unique style. Still remember in vivid detail our 1973 trip to Maine and the visit to the theater to see The Sting. Henry Gondorf, sorry to see you go.