Thursday, September 11, 2008

Non Compos Mentis

Watch entire video of McCain being interviewed on WCSH-TV, Portland Maine.

Excerpt dealing with Palin's national security credentials

McCain hasn't had a press conference in over a month. Last night he was interviewed by a local television reporter in Maine. (Who did a great job, by the way. Much better than I've seen a national reporter do in years.) He couldn't seem to answer the questions, kept slipping back into his rhyming schtick that he does on the stump all the time, and just seemed off. And he made many factual errors (see HuffPo article below). The reporter asks what Palin's national security experience is and he says "Energy". (Huh?) I wonder what we would find if he released his complete medical records. Surely his doctors have done testing for memory and other cognitive impairments.

Coach Mom (age 76) tells me that he's too old to be President. From this video, I have to agree.

Seth Colter Walls, HuffPo: McCain Interview On Palin Riddled With Errors

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