Tuesday, September 09, 2008

An Ad I'd Like To See

An ad I'd like to see from the Obama campaign.

Several clips of George W. Bush talking about WMD. Then a screen showing some conservative paper (WSJ?) saying that there were never any WMD. Then show Bush joking about looking for them under his desk.

Several clips of John McCain and Sarah Palin saying she opposed the Bridge to Nowhere. Then a screen showing her in the Nowhere, Alaska t-shirt. Then a screen of WSJ debunking of that lie.

Show Obama saying on the stump, Do they think you're stupid? Do they think you're that stupid?

Obama/Biden '08

What do you think?

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The Light said...

I watched a clip from the Rachel Maddow Show tonight...McCane was
stumbling through his litany of who he'd like to introduce Palin to. The pork barrel spenders (Bush/McCane), the "business as usual's" (Bush/McCane), etcetera, etcetera. Is the new Emperor's Grandfathers New Clothes campaign gonna work? Only if we let it.