Thursday, August 21, 2008

This Will Jog John McCain's Memory

Maybe one of McCain's children or staffers can get him on the internet so he can watch this video, a GoogleEarth tour of his 10 houses worth more than $13,000,000, from the JedReport:

John McCain is fighting back, with his well-used line of attack "A noun, a verb, POW!"

"This is a guy who lived in one house for five and a half years -- in prison," spokesman Brian Rogers told the Washington Post.

And a Hanoi Hilton to you!


The Light said...

Sorry, but if you had a million dollars, you'd be four million short of rich...with apologies to the guys I met in St. Paul at a bar called Kincaid's back in 2004.

truth said...

Inscrutable comment!

The Light said...

I met the dudes who sang "If I Had a Million Dollars", Barenaked ladies. 'Scrutable enough for ya Mrs. Hammond?

truth said...

Ah. None of the original clues helped me.

Mrs. Hammond: Support with specific facts.

Generik said...

John McCain was a POW in the Vietnam war, therefore John McCain is:

A) A saint; above reproach
B) Qualified to be President of the United States
C) Well-versed in foreign policy by virtue of having spent five years in a foreign country
D) Still batshit crazy from being locked up and tortured, and understandably so
E) Eligible for a comfortable retirement, and would be well-advised to take it
F) Too old, too angry, too flippy-floppy
G) All of the above, except A and B and C

truth said...

McCain's campaign is reminding me of the old Batman TV show: