Tuesday, July 08, 2008

McCain Will Keep This Country Safe From Librarians With Opinions


Watch this unbelievable video of a 61-year-old librarian being given a ticket for trespassing and escorted out of the line waiting to get into a John McCain rally. Her crime? She was holding up a sign that said 'McCain = Bush'.

This is what the cop tells her:

You have two choices. You can keep your sign here and receive a ticket for trespassing, or you can remove the sign and stay in line and attend this town hall meeting.

Since when is holding up a sign trespassing? This is simply suppression of free speech.

McCain hates the 1st Amendment as much as his pal Bush.

Maybe she could express her opinion to John McBush if she had a Gulfstream and had given him buckets of money.

1 comment:

lovable liberal said...

"Cuff me."

We're going to have to start getting arrested in large numbers to stop this.