Monday, June 16, 2008

Name the Missing Phrase

Welcome to Corporate Media Jeopardy!

Here's an article from today's Wichita Eagle. For $200, can you name the missing phrase?

'08 Kansas tornadoes triple average

Preliminary statistics from the National Weather Service show that 172 tornadoes have been reported in Kansas this year -- the most in the nation.

Iowa is next at 134, and Missouri is third at 127.

As of Friday, 1,577 tornadoes had been reported in the U.S. this year. Last year saw 1,093.

While final statistics are typically lower because some preliminary reports are multiple views of the same tornadoes, officials say the numbers are still eye-opening.

Kansas' total is triple the state's annual average, for example.

Go read the whole article to make sure you make an educated guess.

If you guessed "global warming", you are correct. (We'd also accept climate change.)

Do we have to have 10 times the usual number of tornadoes before the media start mentioning global warming and climate change? Won't it be too late at that point?

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