Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Stolen Recipes

Independent (uk)

Cindy McCain caught cribbing recipes from the internet a second time. Well, John McCain says she is the one in the family who uses the computer. Too bad she hasn't mastered "The Google" yet.

Now, as a feminist I think it is beyond absurd for us to pretend that the wife (or in Bill Clinton's case, the husband) of a presidential candidate has favorite cookie recipes. Like most of us, when they want cookies they go to the grocery store, or the bakery. At most when they make cookies they take down the cookbook, or call Mom, or call the maid or the cook (in Cindy McCain's case, this is the most likely). But since Cindy McCain is participating in this little charade with nary a protest, trying to win the hearts of the Family Circle readers who pay $1.99 at the checkout counter for the magazine with her Oatmeal-Butterscotch Cookie recipe (which they could have taken for free from the Hersheys.com site, just as Mrs. McCain did) she is perpetrating a fraud on more than one level.

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