Thursday, May 22, 2008

McCain Sought Endorsement From Anti-Semitic Pastor John Hagee

"Pastor" John Hagee is nuts and John McCain solicited his endorsement of McCain's Presidential campaign. If you get cable TV, you can probably watch Pastor WhackJob two or three times a day, spewing hatred and soliciting money (he is a thief, like all the TV religious charlatans). In the clip below, he says Hitler was sent by God to drive the Jews to Palestine. Yes, listen to the video, he really says that. Tristero (below), blogging at Hullabaloo, is exactly right. What kind of person would go out of his way to seek out such a maniac to endorse him? And then not disavow him when he learns what a nut he is? A man without a moral compass: John McCain.

Hullabaloo: Fishers, Hunters, And St. John McCain

In fairness to PyschoPastor Hagee, his anti-Catholic screeds (calling the Church "The Great Whore" and the like) should not go unremarked. He's not merely an anti-semite. He hates everyone who doesn't think (I use the term loosely) like him.

Nor, despite the size of his congregation, is Hagee the real issue. McCain's character is. A fool who would actively seek out this loon's endorsement. A moral coward - yes, coward - who would equivocate about denouncing such ideas and the bigots who hold them.

Such a person is not a serious candidate for president. Which is not to say he has no chance; he does. But only if the mainstream media gets away with refusing to expose him for what he is. I hesitate to leap on the paranoid bus and say the media is actively suppressing knowledge of how crazy Hagee is in order to prop up McCain, but if Bruce Wilson's documentation of Hagee's intoleration - and McCain's refusal to dissociate himself with him - doesn't lead to headlines and tv news stories, then there is little choice but to think They are up to no good.

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