Tuesday, May 20, 2008

From the World of Sports

Jon Lester jumps into Jason Varitek's embrace after completing his no-hitter.

Hank Aaron still considers himself the Home Run King. So do the rest of us, Hammerin' Hank. We don't count those juicers against you.

In preparation for the Eastern Conference Championships, meet the Detroit Pistons. Here's another Pistons preview.

Further proof that Danny Ainge is a Mormon: He has six grandchildren. Six!

We won't see Carlos Tevez
at Giants Stadium in June; he's been left off Argentina's squad for the friendly with the USA.

Video of the end of Jon Lester's no-hitter:


The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks for linking my post about Hank Aaron...much appreciated.

An incredible night at Fenway last night. Jon Lester continues to write an incredible story. Go Sox!

Nice to see you are a Liverpool fan also!

All the best
The Omnipotent Q
Brooklyn, NY

truth said...

Thank you Mr. Quinn for pointing out Hank's words.

Go Sawx, Go Celts, and of course, Go You Reds.