Sunday, February 10, 2008


BAGNewsNotes: Floats Like A Butterfly...

TKO, as in Technical KnockOut.

Hillary is still standing, but she is woozy and reeling. She has had to loan her campaign $5,000,000 of her own money, some of her campaign staff volunteered to work without pay, and today she sacked her campaign manager. I think a competent referee would call this fight over. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

There is mad spinning going on, but this is what happens when a campaign is near the end. Rudy's staff worked without pay. Romney loaned his campaign money. Both of those moves preceded their dropping out.

Obama has swept the weekend's Democratic contests. Here are the state-by-state results so far (via Dailykos):

The latest count of states won by popular vote, plus the margin of victory:

Clinton (10)

Arkansas +43
Oklahoma +24
New York +17
Massachusetts +15
Tennessee +13
California +10
New Jersey +10
Arizona +9
Nevada +6
New Hampshire +3

Obama (19)

Idaho +62
Alaska +50
Kansas +48
Washington +37
Georgia +36
Nebraska +36
Colorado +35
Minnesota +35
South Carolina +32
North Dakota +24
Louisiana +21
Maine +18
Utah +18
Alabama +14
Delaware +10
Iowa +9
Connecticut +4
Missouri +1

I don't see Hillary having lost this campaign so much as I see her being overwhelmed by a superior campaign and a superior messenger. As always, I wish we could combine the best traits of our best candidates. I wish we could make Obama debate like Hillary. I wish we could make him as tough as she is. I wish she hadn't voted for Bush's stupid war. I wish I could have voted for the first viable woman running for President, but I just couldn't do it. The war, the war, the war, millions dead, billions squandered, for nothing.

Whoever wins must put Iraq out of its misery and end the war.

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