Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Donna Edwards: A Better Democrat

Last night the voters of Maryland's 4th District had a choice, between their incumbent Blue Dog Democratic congressman Al Wynn and challenger, liberal Donna Edwards. Wynn, during his time in the House

[d]espite representing an overwhelmingly Democratic district, [] voted for the Iraq War, for pro-bank bankruptcy legislation, for massive fossil fuels subsidies, for repealing the estate tax, and for letting the likes of Verizon and Comcast have untrammeled control over the Internet.

The netroots supported Edwards. The establishment, and entrenched interests including many unions, the Democratic party establishment, even NARAL supported Wynn. He had seniority and the money. But Donna Edwards is a better Democrat and a liberal, and her message triumphed last night.

The motto of the netroots is "More Democrats, Better Democrats." That's Donna Edwards. (While this was just the Democratic primary, it is a reliably Democratic district; she'll win in November.)

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