Thursday, February 28, 2008

Music to Drive You Crazy

Mother Jones: The Torture Playlist

NEWS: Music has been used in American military prisons and on bases to induce sleep deprivation, "prolong capture shock," disorient detainees during interrogations—and also drown out screams. Based on a leaked interrogation log, news reports, and the accounts of soldiers and detainees, here are some of the songs that guards and interrogators chose.

I actually like three of the songs:

Don MacLean, American Pie

Bruce Springsteen, Born in the U.S.A.

David Gray, Babylon

You can listen to all 20 songs at the Mother Jones link. For all young parents, yes, the Barney theme song made the list.


Anfield Iron said...

Stayin Alive -- Bee Gees and Sesame Street theme. Those bastards!

The movie Staying Alive would be more effective. Or Perfect.

Also, here are some Sesame Street songs that might be more effective:

But I Like You
Happy to Meet You
Just Happy to be Me
Put Down The Duckie
C Is For Cookie

truth said...

And how is it that "Memories" did not make the list?

light the corners of my mind....