Saturday, January 05, 2008

Why Obama and Huckabee Won

Sunny optimism. People like nice people, happy people, cheerful people. We are afraid of anger. As a trial attorney I learned not to show anger towards a witness until the jury was already angry. Otherwise I'd turn them right off. I could express their anger, but not mine until they had it, too.

Most voters don't have time to get past the surface of a candidate. That's why George W. Fuckup is president. We pointy-headed intellectuals knew he was a malevolent pile of shit, but he exuded sunny optimism. He was a compassionate conservative! You and I knew this was crap, but it worked. People liked his chuckle. They liked his upbeat pronouncements about the future of Amurrika.

And to me that's the secret of Obama and Huckabee. They're both very charming in their own way. I know that Huckabee is a whackjob, but most people only see the charm. I know that Obama has been waffling right to court the media, but most people just hear his theme: hope. And who wouldn't rather hope than worry?

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